Friday, May 6, 2011

Fifth Grade Journal Friday-How Not To Spell Bacon

Wow, lots to address here! I can see from reading this entry that I've changed a lot since 1991. Here's how:

1991: Leave it to the Jew to incorrectly spell it "bakin"! 
Now: Little did I know, later in life I would become an expert on all pork products. And by expert, I mean I am extremely skilled at stuffing my face with them!

1991: I am impressed with the number of times I used some form of "tape" in that second paragraph. "I finished taping the tape I was taping yesterday". Still hadn't perfected my gift of the written word.
Now: Hello, professional blogger and editor!

1991: Sad to see I was so down on myself about boys. If only I had known I was just about to fall in love with Travis, the man of my dreams.
Now: Feeling slightly more hopeful about things...But only because I know I have this guy to fall back on!


  1. "I finished taping the tape I was taping."

    Oh you're funny.

  2. haha thanks marissa!! yes, my writing skills were definitely not as refined back then! now, i definitely try definitely not to use the same word three times within one sentence, definitely :)