Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laundry Day!

Ok, so it's been a week or two (or three! who am I kidding?) since you last did laundry...and a voice calls out to you from inside your hamper: "Wash me! You're nearing your last pair of clean underwear. Don't wait until it's too late!! Take action now! Remember that adorable shirt you haven't seen in weeks? It is being held hostage at the bottom of your hamper! Wouldn't you like some freshly washed sheets and a fluffy white towel for after your shower? WASH ME! NOW!!!!!"

In the old days, I would put off doing laundry for as long as possible. It was all too much of an ordeal. Where would I get all the quarters (Impossible to find them when you need them)? How would I drag that ridiculously heavy bag of dirty clothes down the street (I never seem to have laundry in my building)? Why hadn't I been given the gift of being able to fold (my friend Abby is the most skilled folder I know! She even knows how to fold fitted sheets perfectly....God I envy her!)?

And then...I did it. I gave in. I decided to give Wash and Fold a try. That's right, Wash and Fold: a revolutionary concept in laundry. You pay someone, and then they do your laundry for you.... Quicker than you can say "Are you done with that dryer?"! In the end, you are left with a bag of perfectly folded, clean clothes...and it's practically the same price as doing it yourself!


Last year, I stooped to a new level of lazy: I started having the laundromat pick up and deliver the Wash and Fold to/from my apartment. Life has never been this good!! THANK YOU WASH AND FOLD!!

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