Sunday, May 1, 2011

Public Speaking Isn't As Bad As I Thought...

Well today I faced my fear of public speaking (I'm talking major case of dry mouth, heart palpitations, mind going completely blank) and said a few words at the reading. It was actually so fun! People laughed! I was pleasantly surprised! It was so amazing to look out into the audience and see the smiling faces of so many people I love and care about. THANK YOU THANK YOU to (in no particular order because you are all equally awesome!): Sarah, Lisi, Alexis, Brian, Mariam, Fernando, Dina, Brock, Juliet, Gemma, Jen, Karen, Diana. It was 70 degrees and sunny out, and you chose to spend you day with me. It meant so much to me! 

And thank you to Emi and Jessie for organizing such an awesome event and letting me be a part of it. Stand-up is fun! Maybe I'll do it again? Watch out Kathy Griffin! People already tell me I sound like you, maybe I can follow in your footsteps of being rich for being funny too? One can dream!


  1. Thank YOU, Sam! You were hilarious! Can't wait to have you at the next event!!

  2. Thanks Jessie! It was seriously so fun! Can't wait for the next event :) I'm a total baddategreatstory groupie now!