Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Favorite Bar in Town (It's a TIKI LOUNGE!)

Actual bird found in drink Saturday night!
At last, I've found it: the bar I would go to every Saturday night if I could! A place where you're guaranteed to have fun and happiness and laughs and some of the most innovative and delicious drinks in town: Painkiller on the Lower East Side. It's a TIKI LOUNGE!!! I ended up there on Saturday night and oh boy was it refreshing! This place is KITSCHY!! The drink menu looks like a Chinese Food Delivery Menu (not sure of the relevance but loved it nonetheless!). There were drinks of all different kinds: some served in pineapples, others with pipecleaner birds perched on the edge of the glasses, a few were even lit on fire. And if you are lucky enough to get into the back area, there are are booths where you can sit with your friends and gush about how lucky you are to live in a city that has awesome tiki bars like this one!!

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