Monday, May 23, 2011

Throwing Your iPod into the River is Bad

There are only so many times you can "mistakenly" drop your iPhone 3G on the ground before you admit to yourself that you secretly want to break it so you can get a shiny new iPhone...One that doesn't take five hours to type in a search query...One where apps don't quit more than actually work..I'm pretty sure I've dropped my iPhone at least 5 times within the last month... OOPSIE!

This isn't the first time I've had trouble keeping my iPod in pristine condition....There was that time I mistakenly threw it into the East River while I was running (True story!)...My hand got caught in the cord and before I knew it, the iPod was being tossed deep into the depths of the river. I swear, it seemed to happen in slow motion. I'm pretty sure I cried out "NOOOOOOO!" (and considered contacting the Coast Guard). There was also that time I accidentally spilled a bottle of water inside my purse, and my iPod was completely zapped.

I will be eligible for a new phone in August, but I've heard rumors a new iPhone is being released in October, so I might just wait for that. YIPPPPEEEE! I just hope I don't throw this one into the river. Fingers crossed!

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