Friday, June 24, 2011

Fifth Grade Journal Friday-Some Things Never Change, and Some Do

It's amazing how much has and hasn't changed from when I was 11! Here's a recap:

What hasn't changed:
-Unfortunately I still deal with loud people that keep me up at night (mainly the hooligans that live across the street and hang out on their stoop, screaming and whistling etc....much less adorable than being kept up by giggling girls at a sleepover party!)

What is different now:
-"ooooooh! the superbowl! I'm so excited!!". And that was the last time I cared about sports.
-I'm much better at spelling my name now, I hardly ever make mistakes.

Wow, a lot of trash talk in this entry. I had to block a LOT of names out! Don't you wonder who Tina is? (Not telling!!!) And why I hated her so much? What could she have possibly done? Not bought me the Garfield doll I wanted? Rooted for the opposing team in the Superbowl? Oh silly fifth grade drama!

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