Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reasons I Heart NYC-Vol. 6 [Union Square Edition]

Ahhh, Union Square, it's one of the strangest parks I know (besides Washington Square Park, which I'll address some other time!). Here's what makes it awesome:
-Groups of people doing weird things and lots of people standing around watching them (Saturday, I saw a large group of people hopping around in these).
-The Mysterious Clock at the south end of the park-No matter how many articles I read about it, I will never fully understand this clock. But it sure makes a great conversation piece! (Example: Tourist says "What is that clock for?", I reply with "Not exactly sure, but I think it keeps track of every time a couple from gets married")
-People soliciting things (free hugs, asking you questions about your hair (so they can convince you to buy a salon package from them. These people drive me CRAZY!!))
-Union Square Greenmarket-Need I say more? It's packed with people, so it's a claustrophobic person's worst nightmare, but it is full of delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, (and MORE!) straight from the farm.
-Chess Players-Why do people feel the need to set up Chess Games in every park in the city (does this happen in other cities too?)? I don't get it at all, but I still love it!


  1. Oh you don't know what that clock counts? Every time the number changes, it's one more time I order something that comes with fries and I say to myself, 'I'm not going to eat the fries.' And then I eat all the fries.

  2. BLAAAAAH!! i just died laughing! that's so true I always do that too!! Actually, I just googled it, and it turns out the clock keeps track of every time someone unnecessarily replies all to an email...hahah! this could go on forever, i love this game! think this might have to be a separate blog post!