Thursday, June 16, 2011

Staten Island: Harry Belafonte, Amazing Food, the Ferry

Well, last Wednesday was my first time in Staten Island, and I have to say: I LIKE!!!

Transportation: And they say you can't get a free ride (Or do they only say that about free lunch?). Well I got one last Wednesday: The Staten Island Ferry! It was magical, breezy, and FREE! And I passed Lady Liberty along the way. What more could you want?

The Event: My friend Emi and I were heading to the opening night of the Staten Island Film Festival (her short film, "The Retreat" was in it). The new Harry Belafonte documentary, "Sing Your Song" was being screened, and lucky for us, Harry himself was there to answer questions after the film. Very cool!

The Food: The screening was over by 10pm and we still hadn't eaten dinner. We were STARVING! Luckily, we stumbled upon this adorable little Italian restaurant, Enoteca Maria, RIGHT next door to the theater. And BOY was this place authentic. Pretty much everyone that works there is from Italy, including the chefs who are actual Grandmas (or Nonnas) from all over Italy. I was pretty sure this was going to be the best Italian feast I had eaten all week/ever (Sorry, Frankies! You're pretty darn good yourself)! At first, I had some difficulty actually procuring food (the waiter told me they were out of both dishes I tried ordering (not until AFTER after he raved about them though! DO NOT MESS WITH HUNGRY SAM! It is not pretty!). Once the food started coming out I was transported directly to Italy. It was definitely worth the wait!

A postcard from the Enoteca Maria. Those are the Grandmas acting like the Beatles!! Awesome, eh?
Favorite Part of the Night (besides seeing Harry Belafonte, eating amazing Italian food, and having the most amazing hair day ever): As we were walking back to the ferry at the end of the night, a garbage truck flew around the corner at an alarming speed. Emi screamed "NOOOO! I can't be hit by a garbage truck in Staten Island. That's not how i want to go!!". Hilarious! Perfect way to end to a magical night!


  1. I could not love this more. It's all true people! I thought Sam was about to channel some telekinetic powers when the food was continuously kept at bay. But, amazing night, amazing Belafonte, amazing food and ferry!