Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graffiti Bandit Strikes Again

Well, he's at it again! The graffiti bandit left his mark in my building again: first, scrawling a capital "E" in the hallway outside my friend Michelle's apt (Shocking, I know! In addition to simply math, this guy knows his letters too!!), and then scrawling some typical graffiti tags in the stairwell. This is what I have to say to him: Dude, you either LIVE in Gramercy or KNOW someone who does...YOU'RE JUST NOT THAT HARD CORE!!! OOOOOH, what are you going to do next? NOT hold the elevator door open for someone? Or mix a plastic bottle in with the paper recycling bin? Get a life and start respecting your neighbors! Maybe sign up for an art class at SVA or something if you really want to leave your mark in this world?

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