Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty People Say the Darndest Things

Geez, extraordinarily pretty people have it so easy! Can you imagine average or unattractive people getting away with dialogue like this?

For those who don't want to actually watch the video, here is actual dialogue between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling from "The Notebook":

Rachel: "You think in another life I could have been a bird?"
Ryan: "What do you mean?"
Rachel: "Like reincarnation"
Ryan: "I don't know."
Rachel: "I think I could"..[Rachel makes Bird Noises]..."Say I'm a bird."
Ryan: "No"...[Rachel flaps her arms like a bird]..."Don't do it"
Rachel: "Say I'm a BIRD!!" [Rachel runs to Ryan screaming in bird-like way]..."SAY IT!!"
Ryan: "You're a bird."
[Rachel and Ryan kiss]
Rachel: "Now say you're a bird too."
Ryan: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."
[Rachel and Ryan kiss again]

RIDICULOUS!! Can you imagine if I tried convincing some guy I was dating to say I was a monkey (and then I started scratching my armpits and making ape noises)? You can be sure I would never hear from him again! Not fair!

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