Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bring on the Rain!!

The following words usually make me sad: thunder, rain, lluvia (rain in spanish), lightening, mist, ominous skies, drizzling, storm. But not when it comes to SHAKE SHACK!!! If juicy, perfectly seasoned burgers with delicious fluffy potato buns are involved, rain is my new best friend! As soon as that first droplet hits the ground, I know I can easily get my Shack burger, and without the ridiculously long wait (can be more than an hour on a beautiful sunny day!!). Not that I wouldn't wait hours for that scrumptious piece of heaven....


  1. You can prepare for the impending Hurricane by purchasing a crate of burgers! Stock up people, while you still can! Shake Shack is only a shack after all. There's nothing about the word "Shack" that implies hurricane proof, so HURRY!

  2. i am speechless. you are a genius! you deserve all the potato buns in the world finding a way to combine shack burgers and being proactive. genius.