Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Photoshop Was Used In This Movie Poster-None At All

I was recently browsing through Netflix when I stumbled upon this extremely emotional movie poster. I couldn't believe what a tender moment had been captured in this completely real photograph. So much love. So much emotion. So much togetherness. Together in one place, one moment in time...and a photographer miraculously captured that special moment.*

*LIES!! ALL LIES!!! There's no way in heck these people have ever even met each other and a shit-ton of photoshop must have been used to create this picture!!

(Speaking of Netflix. Are you still outraged about Netflix raising its prices?? If so, watch this video. There's something you can do about it!)


  1. HAHA! There are so many great 'non-photoshop' movie posters. Such as

  2. Whaaaat? That's not real? Are the traveling pants photoshopped too? My whole world has been turned upside down. I don't know WHAT to believe anymore!