Monday, August 1, 2011

Superimpose Me-I Want to Be a Vita Coco Model, Just Like Rihanna

Every time I walk by a Vita Coco ad with Rihanna, I think to myself: I could do that!! I love beaches, I love refreshing drinks. Why can't that be ME in that ad? In fact, I'm positive the rates that I would charge for my services would be much more economical to Vita Coco.

I've enlisted the help of Superimpose Me to show Vita Coco what an amazing job I would do in their next ad campaign. They would have to be NUTS not to hire me! See for yourself, I'm a natural, right??

Adapted from pic by Krystn Palmer Photography
You too can be whatever you want to be! If you'd like Superimpose Me to bring one of your dreams to life, send your request and a clear pic to I will try my best to make it happen!

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