Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That Medicine's Gonna Do WHAAAAAT To Me?

Whenever I read the list of possible side effects caused by even the simplest medicine, I am horrified!!

It usually goes something like this, with a few minor variations:
Caution: this medicine might cause any or all of the following side effects: Growth of an extra eye, double vision (because of the extra eye), quadruple vision if you're looking at twins, the inability to stop listening to Justin Bieber, uncontrollable diarrhea, one or both of your arms might fall off, a dramatic decrease in your Klout score, unusual number of hiccup burbs, decreased tolerance for slow-walkers and those talking loudly on their cellphones on the bus, persistent dreams of all your teeth falling out, increased probability that all your teeth might actually fall out, severe farmer tan, your lips might become swollen or fall off, your whole face might fall off.

Thanks, Doc! I'll be sure to take two and call you in the morning!!!

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