Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last week I made an important discovery that would change my life forever: Contrary to what I had believed for three years, Colbie Callait was NOT wearing a Blossom hat on the cover of her album Coco (I blame this huge misunderstanding on the small size of the album cover displayed on my i-phone, as well as only looking at it in my peripheral vision!)

That's right, for three years I was a devoted fan, despite what I thought at the time to be an extremely poor fashion decision. I had no choice, she had the voice of a sweet sweet angel. Her songs were catchy and delightful! But it was impossible not to judge her. WHY was she wearing a Blossom hat? The Blossom hat trend had come and gone more than a decade earlier. Did her stylist not have access to the internet? I didn't understand it, but I also knew it wasn't a reason to abstain from her music.

I was finally at peace when I realized it was a blanket, not a Blossom hat, she had on her head (which is also slightly strange, but a LOT less cringe-worthy). I leave you with this poignant piece on a fashion icon that did NOT influence Colbie Callait's modern style.


  1. I think you and I can bring back the Blossom hat trend! Shall I do a post on it on Dear Andi?

  2. AHHH!!! PLEASE DO!! If there's anyone who could rock a Blossom hat without people laughing and pointing, it's YOU!!