Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Superimpose Me-What Would Our Baby Look Like?

We all wonder what our babies might look like, right? Thankfully Superimpose Me makes it possible to have an exciting sneak preview. My friends Alexis and Brian agreed to be my first, candidates. Meet Alexis and Brian:

With a little help from Photoshop, Superimpose me imagines what Brian and Alexis's first child might look like:

baby photo by efleming
Oh my god, Bralexis is sooo cute, right??? This baby is surely going to rake in the modeling dollars! Here are also some pics of what the baby might be like when it grows up:

Bralexis loves the finer things.
Bralexis has a thing for Spandex, it turns out.
Bralexis is just so Brooklyn.
Are any of your loved ones having a baby soon? Wouldn't this make such a thoughtful (and unexpected) baby shower gift? Keep it in mind! Also, If you'd like Superimpose Me to bring one of your dreams to life, send your request and a clear pic to I will try my best to make it happen!

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  1. I've never seen anything so beautiful!

  2. I never knew I could love a fake baby as much as I love Bralexis! My only hope is that if we ever have a real baby, that it turns out this, um, interesting and well traveled!

  3. Also, if we ever have a real baby and you come to our shower, please get us diapers. Thanks!

  4. Bralexis has set up shop in my nightmares for the foreseeable future.

  5. Dear Nikoai,
    Well I never! That dear sweet fake baby never did anything to hurt anyone. How could you say such terrible things about such a beautiful angel?! You must have been bullied as a child.


  6. seriously, i am dying right now! you are all hysterical! and (sorry Alexis and Brian), Nikolai, i'm with you, that "baby" is CREEEEEPY with a capital "C" and LOTS of E's!!!!!

  7. Say what you will, this is a free country after-all, but all I can hope is that someday my sweet little creepy fake baby can live in a world a where he/she is judged on the content of his/her character, and not on the fullness of his/her creepy little baby eyebrows.

  8. Whatever gender Bralexis chooses he/she will obviously be a well rounded individual

  9. Oh Rachel, I love you for your open mind! The world is Bralexis's oyster, there is no denying that. I can see that "it" is going to achieve a lot in "its" lifetime. I am just honored "it" made "its" appearance here first!